We all know food catering services are about more than just the food. It matters how that food is presented, how much there is, what it costs and what kind of experience you go through planning the entire affair. Some caterers that do the food exceptionally well have trouble with the other parts, which is why so many hosts come away wondering if they could have gotten a better deal.

They should have called us. Top's Diner has earned a stellar reputation in the Central PA area by providing extraordinary food at reasonable prices. Our goal is to ensure your event is special.

Top's Diner is committed to bringing you the very best food at prices that will make the whole day go a lot more smoothly. Our diverse menu contains selections in a variety of styles and preparations, including several you may not find anywhere else.

Whether you have a taste for beef, chicken or maybe even pasta, we guarantee the meals we prepare and portions we serve will delight everyone involved. If you are a fan of top service and great food, please feel free to fill out our form for a free estimate of what your event might cost. Please be sure to let us know the date of the event and a rough estimate of how many guests you expect for a more accurate number. We like to think of this number as merely a starting point for a careful, respectful negotiation that ensures you are happy with the result.

Click here to download our catering brochure for details.

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Note: Be sure to indicate the date of your event and an approximate guest count so that we can calculate your cost effectively.
Please allow 48 hours for us to contact you.

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